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Filing for Divorce in Las Vegas?

Divorce is one of the more unpleasant legal situations to face, even when the two parties involved are amicable. The process of dividing assets, determining child custody and support, visitation, and spousal support can be contentious at the best of times. As the outcome of the divorce will affect you, both personally and financially, for years into the future, it is strongly advised that you have professional legal representation from a Las Vegas divorce lawyer that will aggressively negotiate on your behalf. In many cases, working with the opposing attorney can be fruitful in getting our client’s wishes addressed. In other cases, the other party will not agree to our terms and the case must go to trial. When this is the situation, it cannot be underestimated how important it is to have skilled, aggressive and committed legal support from The Firm.

Our legal team has gained a reputation in the Las Vegas area for forceful and compelling representation in divorce cases. Our presentation to the court will be well-documented and professionally presented, with the goal of influencing the court in our client’s favor. We are committed to standing firm in those matters that are of most concern, and will seek out the supporting evidence for our demands. We provide skilled representation in divorce and other family law matters, including but not limited to separation,property division, contested and uncontested divorce, military divorce, mediation, property division, asset division, spousal support, father’s rights, child support, child custody, child custody modifications, child support modifications, domestic violence, and can assist in resolving personal injury cases.

Divorce and Family Lawyer in Las Vegas, NV

When a divorce is pending, it is crucial that you get your finances and your future protected at once. A divorce lawyer from our firm will take the necessary actions to help you to avoid the serious financial losses you could face without aggressive action taken on your behalf. Each case requires a full review of all the matters surrounding the case, including situations with children, finances, who should get the family home, and how your personal case measured against Nevada state law. Our legal team has been assembled to include several world-class litigators who can stand up for you in court against any opposing attorney with confidence.

As our state is a “community property” state, the formulas the court may use to determine the split of assets can be complex. The custody of children can have various factors that will influence the court, such as which parent was the primary caregiver, whether there was any violence, alcohol or drug use and other factors that may sway the decision at trial. It may be necessary to seek out witnesses and evidence to support your case, and the earlier we initiate action, the more likely that we can get a judgment that reflects your wishes.

In an amicable divorce in which the two parties are in agreement with the important matters in their family, we can ensure that there are no errors in filing, and that you are making the best decisions about your future finances and other matters. When a contested divorce is the situation, you need to be certain that you have legal representation that will stand up for you and your future and negotiate the best possible outcome. We are prepared to discuss your divorce or other family law matter to advise you what can be expected and how to take action to try to avoid a long and costly court battle.

Why hire The Firm?

Many families struggling through separation and divorce often are confused on where to turn. They are unaware that there is a support system out there and a legal professional to help guide them through the entire process. When many of our clients first approach us, they are unaware of the benefits of hiring a Las Vegas divorce lawyer. They believe that family matters are personal and should be kept within the family. Our firm is here to tell you that involving a seasoned attorney will not only benefit the outcome of your family legal matter, but it will also provide you with emotional relief. Divorce lawyers at The Firm practice a unique form of law that places particular emphasis on our clients. When we take on your case, we accept all of the extenuating circumstances that go along with it.

As a result, your matter – whether it be a case of hostile divorce or an amicable agreement to determine child custody – will be handled with personal care and concentration. The attention we devote to our clients gets translated into aggressive representation on their behalf when pursing the matter with legal opposition. Our team of family law associates is dedicated to obtaining an outcome for our clients that best represents their goals and plans for the future. Whether this requires skillful mediation of two or more parties, division of property, modification of a custody agreement or another issue for which you may need professional help, a divorce attorney from The Firm would like to help.

With a family law attorney at your side, you will find that the divorce, child custody, child support or any other legal process, is much less stressful that it would have been going it alone. Going through a divorce or being forced to deal with any other type of family matter is stressful enough, so why not let an experienced lawyer from our firm relieve some of the burden? Our goal is to handle each case that comes our way in a timely and efficient manner, as we understand that our clients are going through a difficult time. For this reason, you can rest assured that you won’t be stuck in legal limbo indefinitely. When you trust an attorney from The Firm with the future success of your case, we work hard to deliver the conclusion that you had hoped for in this situation.

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